Bottom Bracket Creak

A bottom bracket creak is not always a bottom bracket.

I get asked almost daily about a creaking bottom bracket, the funny thing is half the time after a service it still creaks, then the customer blames the shop or the mechanic .

A bottom bracket creak quite often can sound like its coming from the cranks, but, as that is only one part of the drive chain the actual sound could be coming from anywhere, here is what I would advise checking first:

  1. Skewers , are they tight?
  2. Headset bearings are they tight or binding ( Notchy)
  3. Spoke tension, a creak can be caused by loose or uneven spoke tension
  4. Hubs cassette body,  Some cassette bodies are prone to creaking when the pawls dry out
    I won’t say what brands as I don’t want to get sued.
  5. Finally chain wear check that its not stretched to hell as it can cause a lot of headaches.



I would do the bottom bracket service first though as it quite often is whats creaking especially in the wetter months, besides it can’t hurt to keep it well greased.

It would also be advisable to learn if the frame was faced before bottom bracket installation.

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