My story begins like many bike mechanics, as a young teenage boy who has broken their bike yet again. Being young with no money to go to a bike shop and no real skills to get a job, I discovered a world of tools in my father’s shed and set to work hammering, sawing and make-shifting my bike back together.

I soon realized that I had a flair for repair and after seven years as a “self –taught” mechanic I took a job working in a local bike shop. It was here that my rough natural skill was honed into the pro peloton level it is today.

However, this journey took more than 20 years to complete. After leaving my first bike shop I continued to drift through a few different mechanical based jobs but always returned to what I loved. After 10 years as head shop mechanic I took a role as a warranty mechanic for one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the country.

In the two years I worked there I went from the mechanic to the manager and throughout it all I heard the same complaints from both bike shops and customers alike:

“ I don’t have time to take my bike into a shop. I have kids and a full time job and just can’t get it down there. Even when I do, I get it back a week later either the same or worse that it was when I took it in!”

But from the shop owners’ point of view, they felt that there was either a shortage of skilled staff or people willing to learn the art of true bicycle repair.

It was at this point I saw a need for something that could bridge that gap and the mobile mechanic was born.

While still working a full time job as a warranty manager, I would lend my time to a small group of semi pro riders that were tired of the poor service they were getting from their local bike shops. I started off with a $160 tool kit and a cheap prep stand and worked most weekends and after work a couple of nights a week.

After a few years of lost weekends and late nights i was given a chance to do some build ups for Robbie McEwan and Cadel Evans. My name was starting to get heard through the pro ranks and after a short time I got a job working with John Trevorrow, a pro rider of yesteryear who had opened a shop in Melbourne’s inner city.

It was there that I was able to earn my UCI accreditation and given my first chance to work with a pro team and later for riders such as Mark Cavendish, Emma Pooley, Jeremy Hunt and Dave Miller.

Working with SRAM and trained in all facets of their massive parts ensemble (ranging from road and MTB group sets through to Hi-Tek suspension systems), I was regularly hired to be their official mechanical response at events. My tool kit and equipment now valued in the high thousands and over 250 clients that was growing day by day, I could no longer work full time while still delivering the level of service that was making me so highly sort after.

It was then I realized my chance to go it on my own and started the full time mobile repair service that is No Limit Cycle Repairs.

Now, years later we are still growing strong as the need for the mobile mechanic increases. People are re-discovering the joy and health benefits of cycling and are trying to find a balance between work, family and play. We come to you at a time and place that is convenient, bringing the level of service that the pro rider takes for granted – and now you can too.

Yours sincerely,

Griffyn Branagh