No Limit Cycle Repairs has built up its client base through referalls and word-of-mouth from satisifed bike riders.

If you are happy with the service you have received, please send us an email to info@cyclerepairs.com.au and we’ll post it up here.

Testimonial for No Limit Cycle Repairs

Hey Griffyn,

Just wanted to say thanks for the bike service and tune up today before my trip over to France next month.

Being pretty useless with tools it is reassuring that I am dealing with a trained and experienced expert who knows what he is doing and does it right THE FIRST TIME, rather than by some kid in a bike shop that charges me like a wounded bull to find out later that the work that was done was wrong!!!


Thanks again for all of the advice on the wheels to buy as well and I now go to a France knowing that at least my bike is in A1 condition!



Andrew Humphris

The Cycling Life

France Cycling Tours

A comment From Matt Parrish 16/07/2011:

“I have been cycling in Melbourne for over 10 years, during which time I have had the most diverse range of experiences with bikeshop mechanics…some OK, most pretty terrible. I had begun to give up on ever finding a consistently good bike mechanic when a riding buddy recommended giving Griffyn at No Limit Cycle Repairs a call. Given my previous experiences I called him with limited expectations but I’m delighted to say those expectations were well and truly surpassed! What Griffyn doesn’t know about bike maintenance isn’t worth knowing, while the care and attention to detail he took in servicing my bike was incredible. For the same price as what most bike shops charge for a basic service, Griffyn gave my machine a full overhaul. For example, how many bike shops remove and clean your bottom bracket as standard? I have just returned from my first ride post service and the bike ran like an absolute dream – better than new in fact! I have no intention of having my bike serviced in a bike shop again – why would I when I can have a pro level mechanic come to my own home and do a far superior job without the hassle of having to lug my bike to the shop and wonder what kind of service I am going to get!?!”

Matt Parrish 0425 715 249

A comment from Gavin from Top Gear:

“In the last few months our cycling team (Top Gear Frameworks) has used the services of Griff and his company No Limit cycle repairs and I’ll tell you what they have been our savior on a number of occasions, we 1st needed there help in between stages at the Northern combine 3 Day Tour, we had a rider who was having some problems with his seat post… along story but WOW No Limit went to extreme lengths to get it sorted and in super fast time, as we where up against it due to the start of the next stage fast approaching… His mechanical knowhow is unbelievable and the fully set up and stocked van is a pleasant sight to see. We at team ‘’Top Gear Frameworks’’ are very particular with who touches our team bikes as we are sponsored by a bike shop and therefore all our riders have full access to bike mechanics all the time, but with No Limit cycle repairs we are extremely happy with there work, so much so that our team now uses No Limit as our teams mechanic while traveling to country towns for races and we can all ride hard and rest easy knowing that no matter what happens to the bikes during a race that by the next stage they will be 100% and ready to go… But you don’t have to believe us give them a call and see for yourself….”


From all the people at

Team Top Gear

From Luke McDonough (Banyule Cycling Club President):

Hi Griffyn,

Please see the comment received from a rider below. I run several other feature races a year and would love to have you in attendance. Let us know when your website is sorted or I might give you a call to get some more details about you to put on the race websites.

“By the way, that mechanic guy at the race yesterday was awesome!!! He really knew his stuff. In about 10 min he pulled Tony’s complete headset apart and fixed is creaking noises. He then grabbed my rear wheel of my Zipp Carbon wheels and said there was drag and then pulled the cassette off and ripped the hub apart and lubricated it in about 5 min !!!

He was great. He got quite a lot of interest from riders too. I reckon for a call out fee I would use him if i needed anything done”.

Thanks again for your assistance

Luke McDonough


Banyule Cycling Club

0418 106 628