Service Tips and FAQs

Helpful tips for the home mechanic

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  • Bottom Bracket Creak

    A bottom bracket creak is not always a bottom bracket. I get asked almost daily about a creaking bottom bracket, the funny thing is half the time after a service it still creaks, then the customer blames the shop or the mechanic . A bottom brac...

  • Cleaner Chain and Longer Cassette Life

    I get asked a lot how to keep a chain clean and well lubed , I find that the best way is to run two chains at any given time, this is more for road bike applications than MTB though.  The trick is to use a “quick Link”   [caption i...

  • Facing a Bottom Bracket Shell

    How to face face a bottom bracket shell

  • Gear Cables

    There comes a time when shifting gets sticky and no matter how much lube you put on the cable it will either shift up great but wont shift down or you will get it to shift down the cassette but it will hesitate going up causing you to almost have to...